"Ray Paul has been a player in the power pop scene for more than 40 years, but 'Whimsicality' is most definitely the finest collection of songs he's ever recorded. Tunes such as 'You Don't Have To Prove Your Love' & 'A Fool Without Your Love' (to name two faves) both take their cues from The Beatles circa 1965 without sounding stuck in the past. The first great power pop record of 2016!" .....John Borack, Goldmine Magazine

Former Boston and L.A. power pop pioneer RAY PAUL returns with his first new release since his critically acclaimed career compilation, “The Charles Beat,” in 2000. Guest appearances by CLEM BURKE (Blondie), EMITT RHODES, KRISTIN PINELL REIL & KURT REIL (Grip Weeds), TERRY DRAPER (Klaatu), GAR FRANCIS (Doughboys) and WALTER CLEVENGER. The album features his fiery, visceral brand of original Beatlesque pop, plus updated covers of “PRETTY FLAMINGO", “TEMPTATION EYES” & McCARTNEY’S “OH WOMAN, OH WHY” which are sure to please. Recorded in L.A., Toronto and NJ, the production and level of performances achieve high standards. Rock ‘n’ Roll in Boston in the ‘70’s was a vital place and RAY PAUL & RPM were a big part of it. Recently, he appeared in the EMITT RHODES documentary film “THE ONE MAN BEATLES”.


1. I Love It (But You Don't Believe It)
2. You Don't Have To Prove Your Love
3. Pretty Flamingo
4. A Fool Without Your Love
5. In My World
6. Jeannie
7. Temptation Eyes
8. All You Ever Wanted
9. Oh Woman, Oh Why
10. 'Til The Day After

"It's nothing less than a sweet gift from heaven
to have a new album to spin from RAY PAUL, whose
long and storied musical history is well documented and beloved.
".....Alan Haber, PurePopRadio.com

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